Praise for Davidson's Work

HUFFINGTON POST A wet, shaking dog may be a common sight for pet lovers, but few have ever seen wet dogs captured quite like this.

NY TIMES This simple but inspired photo shoot by Carli Davidson captures dogs in mid-shake. The result is a hilarious portrayal of flying fur, flopping jowls and bulging eyes.

PEOPLE MAGAZINE These pets seem to smile for the photographers camera…

NPR.ORG/ RADIOLAB I've seen dogs do this countless times, cats too, but Carli Davidson's photos make you appreciate how intense the shake must be to literally toss the water droplets outward.

BUISNESS INSIDER Davidson's gallery of dogs shaking their heads is by far the best collection of dog photos we've seen.

BUZZFEED Awesome photographer Carli Davidson did a series of close-up photos of dogs shaking water off of themselves. The rest of her work is pretty impressive too.

MY MODERN MET Pet photographer extraordinaire Carli Davidson gives us some of the most unique dog portraits we've ever seen! Oregon-based Davidson is a nationally recognized fine art pet photographer, and for good reason.

THE ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHER "What I really like about these images is the way they capture something hidden but that’s been right out there in the open forever, until technology came along and allowed us to see it."

VISUALNEWS “...Shake, featuring those distorted and blissful dog faces right in the middle of thier spin cycle....This is just a small sample of the Portland Oregon artists excellent work.”

THE TIMES UK The animals can be seen gurning and with hair flying through the air in extraordinary freeze-frame images.

ROLLING STONE Going to the dogs… personality - and the rock & roll attitude emerge when one shakes off boredom. This is the Philosophy of a dog trainer turned photographer from Portland, Oregon.

FLAVORWIRE Photographer Carli Davidson has captured all the little details of this common pet gesture, unseen to the human eye, like the shimmering rays of drool and water and the accidentally comical stares emerging from the rippling folds of their swooshing eyelids.

TRENDHUNTER Animal lovers are dedicated consumers of animal-inspired art work, and the pet photography industry is a blossoming one. Portraits such as these ones that capture emotion in beloved animals are popular for animal owners wishing to commemorate their pets in a way that is lasting and smile inducing.

COOLHUNTING Through artful posing, Davidson's photographs—like a yawning puppy cupped in gentle, tattooed hands and a white-feathered parrot perched so it's profile blends with its owner's bright blue eyes —reflect the character of both individuals, as well as the bond between them.

PETA PIXEL (Carli Davidson) is a perfect example of a concept called ‘Tastemakers’

PHOTOSHELTER Carli – an animal caretaker turned pet photographer – inadvertently accomplished the marketing fantasy of photographers around the Internet. In the past seven months, her gallery “Shake,” featuring dogs and cats caught shaking off water, went viral, appearing in major national and international publications, photography blogs, mainstream news’ sites, and passed along via countless emails, tweets, Google+ and Facebook shares. The result? Her website traffic increased 370 times. Not 370%. 37,000%.